Life experience and curiosity about the world matter. This was 44 years ago. This American entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the person with the highest IQ back in 1986. The highest possible IQ score is theoretically infinite. BTW for the people who picking on these genius teenagers, stop it guysthey are KIDS! Those are boring, even if you understand everything in there. I finally m arried a woman who was a medical technologist i 1980 and had a daughter in 1983. For context, 100 is considered an average IQ score, while below 70 is often viewed as substandard. If it relies on marketing or interacting with people, then SQ is the better measurement, assuming the conversation itself is not complex. So I decided that since you know and I know that I am amazingly perfect in everyway most can hardly believe how I do it, but I do it and do it great, I do it the greatest and I scored, really scored, scored so great it felt perfect, better then ever before and the best score I guarantee, easily the greatest on this side or that side, on any side, back or front, and I was done before it knew what happened. By the way, dont say that youre from the United States only, because below California you have the United States of Mexico. but I went to the store and bought 2 by 4s nails etc and with the use of my dads old tools I inherited after his death, I went on my logic and put together rooms! No one really, yknow, cares what a child of near-genius level is capable of. No one in my immediate family has it but me. The degree does not communicate how smart you are, but it will tell future/potential employers or customers, you are motivated, driven, responsible, and more. Then their is the 25 year old who died back in 1996 that even over 20 years after his death still carrys a net worth of 40million. This is obvious in the repetition in your comments, showing that something ready bothers you that someone with higher emotional intelligence woudve have accepted with a rational and practical look into what they mightve done if presented with the same scenario (Random kid gloating about their alledged IQ) and why someone doubted their authenticity, compete with the feeling of not caring because they could put a harmless comment behind them. A lot of you self-described geniuses sound like you are on meth. Theres no proof that cognitive training raises overall intelligence. Time for a bit of humility, Mr Englishman. He was able to speak when he was only 6 months old and was a self-taught reader at age 3. Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0. I totally agree, ant it is distribution of a particular capability. Parents have to be very proactive as most teachers dont know what to look for when assessing students and their conclusions can be entirely wrong. In this world full of misleading marketing messages there is only one thing of value that is sorely lacking, and that is humility. I hope you will all share your time here with me and tell others show great I am and if they want they can join us next time, aslong as they can handle me next time I come! Mathematician Terence Tao is said to have an IQ of 220 or 230. me and my brother both have IQs of about 140, but we dont particularly excel in school, or even anything. I found this random comment I wrote over a year ago and didnt know that so many jealous people had read my comment. I cant imagine being a genius with IQ over 160their life must be lonely I dont even have that high IQ and I already feel lonely because I dont have mentally-equaled friends to talk about deep thoughts/feelings from dusk till dawn in real life. In 1952, Grade 8 , A comparison done between North Eastern USA.and Maritime Canada. My IQ was tested twice at 174, & my wifes at 172. Well, Donald John Trump actually has an IQ of 150. You cant leave everything to genetics because then you will limit yourself based off what you think you should know instead of exceeding . I am now looking for a girl friend and frequently visit my daugther who has three children who are very smart. Einstein was late in learning to speak, so there are many unaccountable variables. # who wants to think all the time . Camped over much of North America durinf the summers. Most likely, this will help you increase your score by a few points on average. Keep up the great work!!! Those of us who learn languages other than our own always do. Protecting against cognitive decline. I love my dyslexia and my grammar faux pas and my conceptual contrarianism, all of it. I kid you not, my IQ was measured as 167 at a young age. Well said! Thats because god has the highest IQ in the universe, I have an IQ of 148 but have never completed a course in education. Must go I to newspeak then English where say he Engrish to? I was also held back in Kindergarten and first grade because I was socially awkward and day dreaming as the teachers put it. Stfu. All with high intelligence have mastered their native languages, in childhood no less, both in terms of speaking and writing skills (at least use spellcheck if you want to fake it better folks). Solving the mystery of the heart is way more important then solving the heart of a mystery. This is somewhere a little above 6.8 standard deviations. The calculator simply displays the answer to the typed-in query; it does not care if you believe the answer or not: A fact remains a fact, regardless of how many (if any) living entities, acknowledges it or not. Kinda reminds me of this YouTube video:, My iq is certified 172 I cant believe it I am 17 And smarter thatn stephen god damn hawking. Now in middle age, I see people I went to school with doing really well in their careers and driving nice cars while I still work in manual labour. Hi, Im 11 and I have an IQ of 156. M.D. Ones IQ is not merely defined by the minds reliance on external and commodious barriers, but rather, by its ability to process rational and situational information. If somehow you manage to stumble across it again, I would love a new friend to have those intellectual and fun conversations with from dusk til dawn. I would also say the prediction in my case is genetics. I dont see the appeal, but then again, Im a mathematician. My highest was a 148 on the Stanford-Binet (average 142). I finished the first, in about 1 1/2 hours, then noted the friend ws studying the ceiling. If you are a kind, generous, hard-working person, you will be much more admired than you would be for having a high IQ. Thinking of going back to school for Computer Science. Pls excuse the lack of aphostrophes and capitals, they take too long. Id forget about my other pieces. You showed the ability to question yourself and your abilities; that shows awareness. Dash, youre talkin a totally different IQ scoring system and scale for social media participants. Also, lovin the words of wisdom, You seem like a kind, sweet girl. Meaning what? Have you taken an IQ test, if so, leave your IQ in the comments below? What this comment section is like: I am 1 year old and have a 300 IQ. Theres a link if you would like to read the code yourself. Wish the best for these kids, they are our future. But lets even calculate with 7 (which represents about 1 in 390 billion, a number were not going to need anytime soon). Wow, sweety pie. You can call me a genius, or a moron, and I do not care either way. Its in the geological records and therefore man has no effect/ability to counteract global processes such as these in all but infinitesimal cases, as we are but a speck in the vastness of molecules. I completely agree with you. How Are Learning Disabilities Tested and Diagnosed? Life is not easy for anyone. Which is only true for a boy under the age of 4. Spatial I.Q. I can make very accurate and ogica guesses, but sometimes my need for things to be where they being holds me up when Im solving problems. And thanks to the supportive, nice people. Back when I was fifteen I was tested by Mensa with an exam, in the UK, with a maximum score of two hundred. Are you really Donald Trump pretending to be someone else. I am trying to create my own IQ test which will show a lot more than pictures of blocks. So you calculate one individual at of above 194 in a world population of 7B, then list seven individuals above 200 in the US (pop. If you were more mature, you wouldnt have given a crap. One is a doctor. There is no such thing as an IQ except as a game. No it doesnt. It is not possible for a 6 month old to speak in any comprehensible way with another person. To author Juan Ramos: Dear Mr. Ramos: If you are going to post English articles, you should have a native English speaker and writer edit your posts. The score was 145 and the doctor assured my mom that there was nothing wrong with me. Hence, we recommend taking some of the numbers below with a grain of salt. As an adult, Dr. Katsioulis IQ level was measured to be 198 (according to the 2012 record). People can just surpass you if they can think, express and do things better than you, even if they were not of an equal calibur compared to you in the past. Wow you are obviously jealous Pressley. I dont know why I am writing this, but I did do a high-level untimed IQ test when I was in my 30s and received a score of 170 IQ. I am the mother of a child with an IS of 197 and unfortunately this person is correct. WebThe highest possible IQ score is theoretically infinite. Died at the age of 26 in 2013. Comparison is the thief of joy -Theodore Roosevelt, You dont have to be in competition with anyone, theres no reason to be insulted by others achievements or by their judgement(s) about you. Why? There are things in the world that we do not realize yet. Most recently, I have taken to my council a means to combat child obesity. I got a 144 when I was 4. Of course non-native English speakers make mistakes. Anyone who knows anything about brain development knows this. My IQ when I was 13 it was 131 and now it is 159, IQ is generally supposed to stay the same throughout your life, isnt it? Boredom in school, lead to reading outside and learning many things. He was born in Vernal Utah and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island where he schooled. I am not a prodigy. We avoid using tertiary references. Anastasia, your comments did sound a bit boastful. Store to I go too also, to ball Bill. Their only contributions have been to inspire others to disprove their flights of fancy. The Cattell scale is only to 160/161 and this certainly USED to be the one used by Mensa. Given a rough estimate of the world population of 7 billion, one can back-calculate what IQ is expected for the smartest person on the planet given the normal distribution. 135 at 15, 136 at 32. In 1985 I earned a professional engineering license. Most Respectfully, Donald. Calling someone racist to shut down truth. The keys to learning tend to involve curiosity and being receptive to new information. Within eight minutes a clear objective was objectively objectified. Also, Smart does not exist, only intelligence in certain catagorys. So, to get a truly accurate reading of ones intelligence we have to examine and agree upon a precise definition of intelligence and come up with an array of categories. I also understood everything arohnd around the time i was 8 months old. We have neither a clearly standardized definition of high intelligence, nor any understanding of the factors which contribute to instances of it. What if Im just interested in the material? I still did not have many friends and was lonely. National IQs calculated and validated for 108 nations. If I met a genius, I wouldnt call them an idiot liar, Id ask for their help, for a small bit of knowledge. Most of what you enjoy came from me, just so you know. 1. WebThe highest possible IQ score is theoretically infinite. Among his many achievements are getting a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 1996 at the age of 13, working for NASA at the age of 16, and getting a Ph.D. from Princeton when he was 22. Retired now I was always an artist but now can be that full time. It does feel a bit unfair, to be able to easily pass school tests and achieve the supposed goals of education only to find a bit of nothing at the end. Those are boring, even if you understand everything in there. Ok wow, thank you so absolutely much. Mental stimulation can help slow or prevent cognitive decline as you age. Pres of the Staff association. Not accurate, I know I was flawless and answered all questions perfectly, and I mean perfectly, better then anyone has answered before believe me. Not the fountain trick, a glass so you dont short yourself on volume. Although test with an IQ of 186, I concur that there is too high a deviation with any testing above 140 or so. WebLeonardo Da Vinci had an estimated IQ of around 220, which is the highest IQ score ever recorded in human history. IQ scores will remain fairly stable if everyone in a group begins to perform better on testing. Although I am but an incontinent toddler now, I have been imbued with cosmic intelligence. You little insecure morons simply do not understand that IQ is a mathematical distribution, and any IQ over 160 is so extremely rare that make any higher score laughable. Many fail in all that life has to offer but excel in one or a few areas. Dont be so hard on yourselves all you can do is the best you can if thats not good enough for someone then theyre not good enough for you. Dear Sir : I.Q. Its your willingness to put in effort in everything that you do that counts. A genius tec [sic]? Therefore, before giving a Juan Ramos an English lesson online, you should get off the world wide web, visit a library and read some geography. But since they are not truly intelligent (just deluded, even by IQ test results), they are oblivious to this otherwise observable fact. There are so many extra helps for those who have learning difficulties etc, but people like me fell through the cracks. I would doubt Tupacs IQ to be average. The IQ score of 160 to 190 is a range because Einstein never was officially tested. To be honest, he may have just been charismatic, rather than a genius. There have been about 100 billion humans alive in the history of humanity meaning there would be approximately 408 humans in the history of the world with an IQ of around 200 or higher. PS my keyboard is messed up sorry if some Ls or Ks are missing from words. There sure are alot of pretend geniuses here. I have taken several IQ Tests from both college and just myself and always score between 125-129. And Id be willing to say that, in general, those who are more social and who are less inhibited tend to be better at dealing with others. And i need to stress that IQ is nothing, i have been proven to be much superior in all ways to my 170-180 IQ schoolmates. No prizes for the victor, at least thats been my experience. Tested twice about 15 years ago and was 128 plus or minus 2 if I recall. Just saying your IQ is that high is masturbating in public with a 1-inch long penis and gleefully yelling about how wonderfully big it is. Im self taught, and only attended college for a year (where I studied performing arts). Not because of my IQ or achievements, on the contrary I just choose not to be one of the LOL yEPIC jUsT LiKe ForTnIte kids. Some main characteristics of people with IQ 116 : - You have the ability to analyze complex technical information; He is famous for being the best chess player of all time, winning more chess games than anyone else. Genius is really how you are going to use it, and later, how broad of a base group you will one day serve help out in. Flexing ones mathematical prowess (hint-hint) is itself a display of egocentrism, not of ultimate wisdom. Not to mention distributing it to everyone, and essentially making millions. All the evidence for evolution is a misread but fits the highest IQ discovery of Prevolution, which you can never come across in your life unless you have at least 8 PhDs since you need quantum and variable time and parallel worlds understanding to realize this core truth. DOI: Frequently asked questions on intellectual disability. My reading interests and ability was high, and many feel were above the ability of many of the teachers. Unlike you though, I learned its okay to be me now with only a very superior IQ. I am intrigued to learn from this comment that supposedly an SAT score can be directly converted to IQ. So they had me tested. When Edith Stern was only 11 months old she was able to communicate using cards, then at the age of one, she began to be able to identify some of the letters in the Latin alphabet. While I do stand by my statement in which I said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I do admit that there is a certain truth that comes from the Scriptures that surpass any scientific knowledge or other set of beliefs. I would be happy to hear your perfect speaking in Spanish and other languages of the world, you proud English Native Speaker Unfortunately, a big % of Natives, like you, seems to have too low IQ to understand speaking which is even 1promille different that speaking of Queen Elizabeth Not to mention that the most stupid, obvious mistakes in language ALWAYS come from so called Native Speakers, such proud to have perfect language. I already have a scholarship to the University of Michigan because of my PSAT score of 1460. She is now considered to be one of the strongest female chess players of all time. Jesus Christ created each and every one of us and gave us each unique talents, gifts, and skills. Theyre designed to reflect a wide range of cognitive skills, such as reasoning, logic, and problem-solving. Einstein is known for developing the theory of relativity and the famous equation E=mc2 and is the recipient of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. It is entirely possible that someone out there has an IQ of 350, but since the predictive methodology of standard deviations discounts it as a possibility, the chances of finding that person are extremely low. XYZ = A program of mathematical definite answer, I > Pre defines a number as non existent and /or imaginary, when placed before any given number. I took the sat test and got a score of 1475 which corresponds to an iq of 146.I went to penn state an graduated with a degree in engineering science and a gpa of 3.47. You can have a high IQ and attain little success in life, or you can have an IQ on the lower side and do very well. pls be careful not to hurt others feelings, bragging hurts Trust me, i know from experience- people brag all the time @ my school and i feel sooo stupid :((( so pls just dont brag like that, even if u werent meaning 2 brag. Fernandez E, et al. But thankfully I invented a method to boost it up again that takes all but 15 minutes. scores mean different things in infants to those in early childhood though these have some similar meaning to those in adults. My IQ was so high that when I was a kid, my mama had to tell me to come in the house and get out of the rain .Actually, tested at 158 by the Cattell Test, used to separate out folks with high IQs as the Stanford Be is inaccurate for testing very low and very high IQs. It just pains me the way that people hate people with a higher IQ than them, and that they regard eachother with such disdain. Read Genesis, chapter 1 until the seventh day. The IQ score moves 15 points in either direction with each standard deviation. As for a cure, there is no cure for seasonal flu or the common cold, so dont hold your breath. This creates a very subjective and invalid aspect for accurate measurement. My IQ is not neccesarily high but i can beat a lot of top percentile IQ students at almost any catagory. I also took on some instruction with local Scouts and Guides, and joined our Community Association and became one of the leaders there. The fact that you make that kind of false statement proves it. In the beginning of my sophomore year i got caught smoking a cig and got sent to continuation school. Even if you have a high IQ, and its also pretty obvious you really lack in emotional maturity. Uh im pretty certain that such a genius wouldnt spell Tolkiens name wrong. Even if you have a high IQ, and its also pretty obvious you really lack in emotional maturity. All done in his short 25 years. I once took an English vocabulary test with words drawn from various disciplines and the result put me at a level which only 20 people in the US population would have been able to attain. Would you like to guess why? Theres no telling what you can achieve regardless of IQ numbers. And srsly? It is hard for me to hold conversations with most people because they bore me with their banal assertions. Then please let us know how to find out what our score was when we were tested as a child. My conclusion is that intelligence and God should not be discussed in the same context , at all for the simple reason that there is no God .. or there have been thousands of Gods created by people with higher intelligence and fantasy. I am a genius of one field and a genius of all fields making me a genius of all genomes. which have told me I have an IQ of around 160. its not been proven but I always felt like I was on a higher calibre than most of the people I hang around with. Most people have a score between 90 and 109, which means that they are classed as having a normal or average intelligence. I have a TI-84 and know how to use it; lets move on. I feel your pain. Theres also no shortage of debate on the accuracy of scoring. You can take the same test multiple times and end up with slight variations in score. Put another way the `G loading factor increases over time. When she was born I didnt let anyone talk baby talk to her, you talked normal to her and didnt call things baby names. I hadnt slept in 2 days, hadnt eaten, ,and my greatest strength is my greatest weakness a poor memory. I later dropped out of school, helped my father in his Plumbing business, Then started in with a Neighbour doing Propane installations. Yes, there is a predictive part of IQ calculation, but thats only because its not possible to measure each and every persons score. They claim I have 216. If you already have a nagging sense of feeling old and dumb, look away now: 11-year-old British schoolgirl, Kashmea Wahi, just achieved the highest possible score on an IQ test - an incredible 162. This Australian-American mathematician was born in 1975 in the Australian city of Adelaide. I have a shot memory most of the time. I was always struggling with emotional control, and still do to this day, but have learned much wisdom over the years. "Although it is possible to enhance one's score by practice, or even cheat, overall the IQ test still remains a good predictor". Otherwise according to your reasoning, if I build a robot that kills people randomly until only one left on earth, he/she must has IQ with 100, which is obviously absurd. Besides recent scientific research seems to indicate that the accuracy of any IQ test is questionable as there are so many areas of possible expertise. To being a electronic, s tec to a vast understanding of law .ect its up to the person to expand their mind most schooling cant give you all you need to be smart. While I appreciate your insights in the Highest Recorded IQ piece, some of your paragraphs are un-readable in English. Credit: public domain / Wikimedia. I lost 25% of my IQ after a traumatic brain injury at age 31. IS is about as useful as ACT and SAT to determine if someone will actually persevere and finish what they started. Still have it somewhere. Has yours? In the beginning, God created the universe, and intelligence. Mathematically speaking (therefore), the emotionally immature simply spend too many waking hours defending their ego to learn more during that time. These typically focus on familiarization as opposed to memorization. Thats amazing!!! I tested in school at 148, then got the same score 20 years later. So no, I really, really do not believe any of these people claiming that they are at 160 or above at, pretty much any age. Maybe, I should wonder if, when I was a child, would I have easily lied?, you all are telling them how amazing they are. And yet, theyll gleefully pronounce non-native speakers unworthy of expressing themselves in English because they make mistakes. I have no idea how they came up with the number, I did play luminosity when it was free. Now Im 39 and pretty sure my IQ has dropped at least 15 points due to prolonged depression in 2016-2018. All my genius screw up make me laugh and jump for joy inside because I get to feel like the typical idiot like the rest you who fit in without any notice that you are HFA or different in any way. Ironic how you are religious yet supposedly have an IQ of 300. genius with 300 iq equality not judged by what is in brain but how you use what is in your brain. Although spoken English doesnt obey the rules of written language, a person who doesnt know the rules thoroughly is at a great disadvantage. Marilyn Vos Savant. WebDr. (2010). Most everything that you have herein stated is opinion-based and although probability demands that you should at times land close to some semblance of truth in your ramblings, you have definitively beaten the odds.